In 2007 Igloo worked with News Ltd to develop a broadcast format for their popular travel supplement called Escape. We made 11 x 30 minute television episodes that were shot in ten countries over a six month period.

The format used one presenter and focused on showcasing destination experiences only the locals know about. This delivered a more authentic and believable viewer experience and ensured the content was relevant to both Australian and international audiences.

Each episode ran on television the day after destination editorial ran in all metropolitan Sunday newspapers.Both the print and broadcast platforms drove consumer traffic to the Qantas and Jetstar booking engines where holidays to the featured destinations were offered to consumers.

Escape DVD’s were distributed in newspapers, the series ran on Foxtel, in-flight with Qantas and Jetstar and across every country in Asia including China and India on the Discovery network. Escape was also licensed to National Geographic in 2010.

To watch a full episode click here

In my opinion Igloo Media are Australia’s best and most efficient producers of broadcast content in the travel space. Escape rated well in Australia, reached over 100 million viewers in key international markets, achieved ROI and was really well received by all stakeholders including Qantas, Jetstar and News Ltd.

Warwick Taylor – Integration Director News Ltd

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