News Ltd research indicated that confident, empowered vendors tend to get a better price when they sell their homes and spend more on advertising their properties.
To help grow this advertising market, igloo formatted and produced a documentary called For What it’s Worth. The program is hosted by auctioneer and News Ltd employee Tom Panos and offers vendors an insiders guide on how properties get sold and why some people make more money than others.

For What it’s Worth is distributed directly to consumers via DVD in newspapers, through selected real estate agents and online at

Tom Panos has since gone on to become Australia’s leading real estate coach and has a huge digital following for his real estate gym. We’re really proud of him.

Graeme is a professional televsion producer who has an excellent understanding of the commercial world and how to best apply video content to generate viewer engagement and new revenue. He produced a top quality product for News Limited in the real estate category

Tom Panos

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