Heart Disease remains the number one killer of Australian people, this is directly impacted by the foods we eat and our consumption of saturated fats is too high.

Heart Foundation NSW through its healthier oils program is making real changes to the health of Australian people by working with major food service partners to make simple changes to the meals they prepare.

Cessnock Council, Panthers and Compass Group have already switched to healthier cooking oils and as a result removed tonnes of saturated fats from the diets of their customers. It’s a great public health outcome.


 Re: Letter of Support Igloo Media

The Heart Foundation NSW has been working with Graeme and the Igloo team over the past four years, developing video content to support some of our key public health programs.

In particular, Igloo has worked with us on a number of our nutrition projects to develop a range of products as part of our communication strategy.

This has involved work on our Healthier Oils Program, which aims to encourage food service providers to switch to the use of healthier cooking oils that are lower in saturated and trans fats.

On this program we have filmed case studies with Cessnock City Council, Penrith Panthers Leagues Club and Compass Australia which has not only featured on our website but also as video content for Airline companies and other media distributors.

He has assisted us in distilling information on our Healthy Kids Website into simple bite-sized chunks that offer practical advice to help busy mums make healthier food choices for their kids, and has filmed practical ways to hide more vegetables in family favorites like Spaghetti Bolognese.

Having this content has enabled us to attract new partners to the program and to develop deeper relationships with existing partners.

Throughout the time we have worked with him, we have found Graeme to be very flexible in his approach, thorough in his preparation and careful to ensure his clients are happy.

He often brings new ideas to the table, but he is also sensitive to the nuances of health messaging, making his guidance contextually appropriate.

His gentle but confident manner is invaluable in putting people at ease in front of the camera, particularly when they have little or no experience in this area. One of the great advantages of also working with Graeme is that he is willing to share his own connections to help stretch our message further.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Graeme and the Igloo team as a preferred supplier.

If you require further information, please feel free to contact me either by phone: 02 92192450 or by email julie-anne.mitchell@heartfoundation.org.au

Yours sincerely

Julie Anne Mitchell

Director of Cardiovascular Health programs