Owning a pet can be great fun, good for our health and may make us better people as well.

In this fun series, Dr. Katrina and David Whitehill, two of Australia’s most trusted animal experts collaborate to explore, celebrate and explain pets.

  • Owning a pet can teach children about the responsibilities of life and mutual trust
  • Children exposed to education programs with animals can display higher levels of empathy for humans
  • Pets can help people who suffer from ADD improve their concentration
  • People with pets can suffer lower instances of allergies
  • Parents whose children have pets are likely to get more help with household chores


  1. Unleashing your Petential

Pets are proven to encourage exercise. The likelihood of achieving the recommended level of physical activity per week is seven times higher for dog owners than non-dog owners.

2.  The Pawsome companion

Research shows that 70.5% of pet owners rarely feel lonely compared with 58.3% of non pet owners. That companionship can boost your overall mood particularly in sick people.

3. Pets – The Best Medicine

Studies have shown that pet owners have been found to be at lower risk of cardiovascular disease than non pet owners. Pet owners visit the doctor and use fewer medications than non-pet owners. Pet owners are also much less likely to die in the 12 months following a heart attack than non pet owners.

4. Canine community

Pets are good for the community and meeting people. Pets encourage social interaction and improve perceptions of neighbourhood friendliness.

Research from The University of Western Australia found that over 50% of dog owners met people in their neighbourhood as a result of owning a pet and 80% of dog owners talked to others while walking their dogs.

5. Best friends forever

Pets teach responsibility and help children to develop nurturing and social skills. They learn empathy about life and the death of a pet is often the first experience a child may have dealing with death. Pets encourage children to exercise and physical activity results in social, mental and physical health benefits

Most of all pets are fun for all of us, for all ages and from all walks of life – they simply make us smile and ask for so little in return. We are blessed that advances in veterinary care and nutrition mean that our pets are living longer than ever before and giving us more quality time with our precious companions.

Dr. Kat and Dave
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