The Placemakers are a specialist media team that help the world’s best spaces tell better stories and reach larger audiences. We work with major asset owners who use the content we produce to help communicate vision, secure investors, on board tenants and manage stakeholders. The Placemakers is also a consumer facing education and engagement program that explores how courageous development and innovative design can improve the spaces we live in. The television series has run on free to air in Australia since 2017 and is currently screening as in-flight entertainment on several airlines across Asia Pacific. The production team is in development with a new series that is planned for regional distribution on Discovery Networks from Q4, 2023.

Mixing with the best: 13 x 30 mins lifestyle: Lifestyle Channel / Discovery Networks. Lifes’s like a cocktail, its all about getting the mix right… we produced and distributed 13 x 30 minute episodes that explored cocktail culture, the great bars of the word and how to make perfect cocktails at home. The program ran on Lifestyle Channel in Australia and broadcast licenses were sold to Discovery Networks in 3 major regions across the world.

Breville Food Thinkers: 40 x 5 mins lifestyle Food Thinkers is a branded media channel that Igloo created for Breville that uses an email database, in-flight media and YouTube to distribute content. The channel showcases our best chefs and their signature dishes on location in restaurants, cafes and bars across Australia. Food Thinkers stories featured on the cabin screens of International Jetstar flights and domestic Qantas flights and peaked at over 800,000 viewers per week. Food Thinkers was credited by Breville CEO Jack Lord as a major driver to building market leadership across 13 categories. Over 100 Food Thinkers stories were produced and the channel won the silver in the global content marketing awards in 2013 and 2014.

Building Icons: In-flight entertainment on Qantas Building Icons was a short form series that ran between the news bulletins on Qantas domestic and international flights. Each story took viewers on location to Austalia’s iconic buildings and explored the space with the architects that designed them. Building Icons won a global content marketing award from the Content Marketing Institute in 2015.

Can it be cured? Tonic Health Media This short form series ran in doctors surgeries across Australia and was hosted by Dr. Caroline West. It explored the past, present of our most feared diseases and what th.e future may look like with medical innovation

Travel Review: Tonic Health Media In 2019 Igloo Media and Tonic Health Media formed a joint venture media channel that brought Australia’s leading travel experiences to an audience in excess of 3 million viewers every month. The channel was used by Scenic Tours, Chimu Adventures, South African Tourism and recommended by members by AFTA before pausing during the pandemic.

Living Coffee: 13 x 30 mins lifestyle: Lifesyle Channel / Discovery Network. Igloo formatted, produced and distributed the world’s first coffee programming. It explored Australia’s unique coffee culture, its roots in Ethiopia, Italy, France and Greece and understood how it’s migration to Melbourne and then the rest of Australia after world war two. Licenses to broadcast Living Coffee were sold to networks in Australia, Asia, Europe and USA.


Luxury Escapes: 13 x 30 mins lifestyle Igloo migrated the highly successful Luxury Escapes online travel retailer to a regional television franchise that ran on Network 7 in 2016 and 2017. The series was Australia’s first luxury travel program and was shot on location in Australia, Fiji Thailand, Vietnam, Bali, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, USA and Mexico. The series was later picked up by A&E Networks in Asia and won Gold in the Mumbrella Travel Awards in 2017

Escape: 13 x 30 mins lifestyle News Ltd hired igloo to migrate their popular travel supplement into a television and video format. We worked with the News Ltd editorial team along with Qantas and Jetstar to produce 13 x 30 minute television episodes that ran on Foxtel in Australia and was later licensed across the region to National Geographic Channel.

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