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Our company started in Australia in 2000 and was the first company to specialise in branded broadcasting and owned media channels.

We build sustainable competitive advantage for our clients by creating, producing, distributing and managing video assets for their brands.

Our focus is great story telling, building your owned channel and reaching audiences on television networks, in-flight entertainment, out of home screens and via the digital assets of carefully selected and nurtured channel partners.

We work hard to make your owned media channel a commercial proposition grounded in vigorous analytics, smart ecosystems, shared costs and earned audiences.

Igloo is independent, Australian owned and really proud of our 63 television programs, 3 new media channels and the 350 video stories that have reached over four hundred million viewers across 74 countries. It’s also been nice to win several domestic and international content marketing awards and work collaboratively with some of the best people in the business.

Our production credits include: Living Coffee, Mixing with the Best, The Great Italian Cafe, Escape, For What It’s Worth, Breville Food Thinkers, Building Icons, Luxury Escapes, The Placemakers and Travel Review.

If you’re looking to create a new media brand and sustainable competitive advantage for your business please contact gthomas@igloomedia.com.au

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